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Welcome !! PUSH-as-Rx ®™ is leading the field with laser focus supporting our youth sport programs. The PUSH-as-Rx ®™ System is a sport specific athletic program designed by a strength-agility coach and physiology doctor with a combined 40 years of experience working with extreme athletes. At its core, the program is the multidisciplinary study of reactive agility, body mechanics and extreme motion dynamics. Through continuous and detailed assessments of the athletes in motion and while under direct supervised stress loads, a clear quantitative picture of body dynamics emerges. Exposure to the biomechanical vulnerabilities are presented to our team. Immediately, we adjust our methods for our athletes in order to optimize performance. This highly adaptive system with continual dynamic adjustments has helped many of our athletes come back faster, stronger, and ready post injury while safely minimizing recovery times. Results demonstrate clear improved agility, speed, decreased reaction time with greatly improved postural-torque mechanics. PUSH-as-Rx ®™ offers specialized extreme performance enhancements to our athletes no matter the age.

Who is the Best Chiropractor? How to Know

Being involved in an unexpected accident, such as an automobile collision, among others, is one of the most prevalent causes for damage or injury, often even aggravating a previously existing condition. When an individual’s overall health and wellness are at risk, choosing the best healthcare professional to provide the most appropriate care and treatment can greatly affect the individual’s recovery outcome. However, how can you know who is the best specialist for your specific complication?

It’s in the individual’s best interest to find the most effective treatment option to improve their well-being by finding a top rated healthcare provider who can tend to their special needs. There is a variety of information regarding numerous forms of care which different healthcare specialists can offer. Asking primary care physicians and other healthcare providers convenient questions in regards to the specific treatment methods they offer can help people make informed decisions when choosing the best healthcare professional.

Chiropractic is one of the most common, alternative treatment options used to treat many injuries and conditions, as well as their symptoms, such as neck and back pain. A chiropractor focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders associated with the musculoskeletal and the nervous system. A doctor of chiropractic, abbreviated as DC, specializes on the health of the spine, ensuring the structure and function of the spinal bones and its surrounding tissues are working properly. A chiropractor can naturally restore the body’s original health and wellness, without medications and/or surgery. Chiropractic care utilizes spinal adjustments and manual manipulations, as well as other methods of treatment, to heal injuries or conditions which may have misaligned, or subluxated, the spine.

Dr. Alex Jimenez D.C.,C.C.S.T’s insight:

After experiencing an injury or developing an aggravating condition, finding treatment from a qualified and experienced healthcare professional can make a difference in the patient’s recovery. A chiropractor is frequently considered to treat a variety of injuries and conditions, however, choosing the best chiropractor can determine the effectiveness of the treatment. For more information, please feel free to ask Dr. Jimenez or contact us at (915) 850-0900.

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