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Is It Really Autoimmunity? | El Paso, TX. | Part II

Autoimmunity: One of the most common things is to leave the doctor’s office with a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease and no nutritional or lifestyle changing insight. Autoimmune diseases are related to inflammation. Keeping  the inflammation down is the goal with autoimmune attacks. The foods you eat make a huge difference in the frequency and severity of flare-ups. Steady dietary changes can help you reach your optimal self.

Is Autoimmune Disease A Result Of The Collective Perturbations Of The Exposome & Its Impact On The Immunometabolic System?


autoimmunity el paso tx.

autoimmunity el paso tx.

The Exposome

autoimmunity el paso tx.

autoimmunity el paso tx.Semin Arthritis Rheum. 2018; 47(5): 710‐717.

Exposome Influence On SLE

autoimmunity el paso tx.The Ecology Of The Exposome

autoimmunity el paso tx.Exposome & The Alteration Of “Self”

autoimmunity el paso tx.The Exposome Connections To Autoimmune Diseases Converting Self Into Non‐Self

  • Immunometabolic dysfunctions through diet and lifestyle imbalances
  • Gut Ecology and the Microbiome
  • ViralorBacterialInfections
  • Hormones
  • Drugs
  • Chemicals
  • IonizingRadiation
  • PsychologicalStress

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Cross‐Talk Among The Endocrine, Immune & Metabolic Systems

autoimmunity el paso tx.Multi‐Organ Network Biology

autoimmunity el paso tx.In Autoimmunity, Warburg Metabolism Is Increased Through Increased Activity Of GAPDH

autoimmunity el paso tx.Science. 2018; 360: 377‐78. Dietary Influence?

Blocking Immune Cell Glycolysis & “Starving” Its Function

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Ketogenic Diet’s Potential Impact On GAPDH Immunometabolic Regulation

autoimmunity el paso tx.

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autoimmunity el paso tx.

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autoimmunity el paso tx.Origin Of IL‐17 Producing Th17 Cells

autoimmunity el paso tx.What Is The Relationship Of The Gut Microbiome To Autoimmune Disease?

autoimmunity el paso tx.

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autoimmunity el paso tx.

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High Fiber Influences On Diabetes In Animal Model

autoimmunity el paso tx.80% Of Patients With Autoimmune Disease Are Female


Estrogen & Autoimmunity

autoimmunity el paso tx.

  • The greatest association with autoimmune diseases is the female gender
  • 17‐beta estradiol seems to play a role in activating T cells in autoimmune disease
  • T cells have ER‐alpha receptors that are activated by 17‐beta estradiol resulting in the production of inflammatory cytokines
  • Blocking ER‐alpha receptors may have a beneficial effect on autoimmune activation

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Eleanor Rogan, PhD IFM Linus Pauling Award Winner

autoimmunity el paso tx.www.JeffreyBland.com

Estrogen & Androgen Metabolism

autoimmunity el paso tx.4‐Hydroxyestrogens & DNA reactivity

autoimmunity el paso tx.

autoimmunity el paso tx.
autoimmunity el paso tx.

Indole‐3‐Carbinol (I3C) Inhibition Of ER‐Alpha

autoimmunity el paso tx.

autoimmunity el paso tx.Relationship Of Hepatic Drug Detoxification To Anti‐Nuclear Antibody Development

autoimmunity el paso tx.
autoimmunity el paso tx.

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autoimmunity el paso tx.
autoimmunity el paso tx.
autoimmunity el paso tx.

Making Friends With Ourselves: Clinical Implications

  • Reduce exposure to agents that activate immunometabolic dysfunction through the exposome
  • – Dietary
  • – Infection
  • – Parasites
  • – Xenobiotics
  • – Hormone
  • – Allergy
  • – Specific medications
  • – Dysbiosis
  • Reduce exposure to DNA damage (radiation, chemicals)
  • Support hepatic detoxification
  • Implement gastrointestinal restoration program
  • Reduce metabolic inflammation and endotoxin
  • Reduce psychological stress factors that activate HPA axis


Jeffrey Bland, PhD

Chairman Emeritus & Member, Board of Directors The Institute for Functional Medicine

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