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Do you feel:

  • Anxious or cannot focus on tasks?
  • Do digestive problems subside with rest or relaxation?
  • Stomach pains, burning, or aching 1-4 hours after eating?
  • Redden skin?
  • Nausea or vomiting?

If you are experiencing any of these situations, then you might be experiencing some digestive stress. Try some chamomile to reduce that stress and anxious mind.

Chamomile and its products are well-known for encouraging a healthy state of mind and for enhancing amazing sleep quality for anyone who takes this herb. This white and yellow blossom, however, has several impressive health benefits that are beneficial with anyone that’s feeling anxious in their daily, hectic lives and can provide other benefits for the body that has some ailments.

What is Chamomile?

Chamomile is an ancient medicinal plant by the Asteraceae family and is frequently known as the “earth apple on the ground” due to the apple-like fragrance it produces. Its blossoms have unique properties that could boost a person’s wellbeing and supplying beneficial nutrients that are remarkable for the body to relax and feel calm. This plant has existed for centuries and is native to eastern and southern Europe. Tons of research have shown that chamomile has been used in herbal remedies in ancient times during the Roman era, Greek era and Egypt era. The plant contains a thin spindle-shaped stem that produces tiny flower blossoms that resemble a daisy.

Chamomile Benefits


The chemicals of chamomile can serve as antioxidants in the human body and can prevent flare-ups from occurring. Because of this, when an individual is consuming chamomile goods; the health properties might help prevent the common cold, intestinal disorders from the gut, inflammation and many more body ailments that can affect the human body from functioning properly. There are two varieties of chamomile that have amazing properties that have been used for natural remedies are the German chamomile and the Roman chamomile.

  • German Chamomile: This type of chamomile is popular around the world and native to southern and eastern Europe. Studies have shown that people would take chamomile by the mouth to relieve ailments caused by environmental factors. There are some people that will even apply chamomile on their skin as an ointment. There is some scientific evidence that using German chamomile as an oral rinse could be helpful for cancer patients that have mucositis, which is inflammation and ulceration of the mucosal membrane lining in the digestive tract caused from chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Roman Chamomile: This type of chamomile provides the same benefits as German Chamomile as it relieves the same ailments that environmental factors caused but also provides a bit more help to the body. Roman chamomile has hypnotic properties that help a person relax and falls asleep faster. There have been studies that this herb offered hypnotic effects to animals and when consumed, it decreased the amount of time for them to fall asleep.

The benefits that the chamomile plant provides are that it promotes the body to relax and other benefits that are essential to the body. When it is used as an essential oil for aromatherapy, the patient can feel less anxious when they breathe in the vapors and finally let their anxious mind relax.

Reducing Pain

The anti-inflammatory effect that both the essential oil and the chamomile flower itself can aid the body by reducing the pain that it has encountered. Since the chamomile plant has been used for hundreds, people have been using this plant to help reduce pain from inflammatory-related symptoms in the body they might be experiencing.

Studies have shown that people who consume herbal tea for their joint inflammation have shown an improvement especially in the knees and lower back. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that this herbal tea produces polyphenols that affect systemic inflammation and joint function in the body. Another study shows that patients with knee osteoarthritis used chamomile oil to decrease the stiffness in their joints and provide some beneficial effects on their physical function.

Heals and Promotes Skin Health

For anyone that has eczema and uses topical creams to reduce the redness, they might want to try using chamomile essential oil. The benefits of using chamomile essential oil are that it can help reduce irritated skin. A person can mix the chamomile essential oil with a carrier oil or lotion and apply it to their skin as the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties can calm down the red, dry, irritated skin while also decreasing breakouts from happening.

In some instances, there have been statements that chamomile is more effected than hydrocortisone lotion for skin lesions. Researchers found in a 2010 study, that German chamomile oil has been used to alleviate atopic dermatitis, which is a chronic skin disorder, by containing three major sesquiterpene constituents (azulene, bisabolol, and farnesene) by healing the skin gradually.

Improving Digestion

Another widespread use for chamomile, especially when it is brewed in a tea, is reducing unwanted symptoms that are associated with poor digestion in the digestive system. With chamomile tea, it can soothe an upset stomach, cramping, flatulence, and diarrhea. The therapeutic compounds that are found in chamomile can act as a digestive relaxant.

Improves Sleep and Relaxation

When it is brewed into a tea, chamomile can promote a person’s frame in mind and can enhance their sleep quality to provide them the necessary 8 hours of sleep. Research shows that individuals who drink chamomile tea before going to bed, have a better night’s sleep and relaxing a bit more. Apigenin provides a stimulant effect from chamomile tea and is bind with the benzodiazepine receptors in the brain, providing benefits that can help reduce stress from the body while also promoting a good night’s sleep.

In a 2017 study, the research shows that adults over the age of 60, consumed chamomile tea before they go to bed. The results showed that their sleep quality improved by reducing sleep complications like sleep apnea and the consumption of using sleep medication while improving their moods drastically over time.

Boosting Mental Wellness

Using chamomile products can benefit a person’s wellness. Since chamomile has beneficial properties to make the body relax, it can also help reduce the sensation of depression and anxiety in a person when it is consumed. Studies have stated that long-term chamomile intake is safe and may considerably reduce the effects of moderate to severe GAD symptoms in the body. Even using the oil for aromatherapy can be considered as an alternative for treatments for patients.


Thus chamomile is an effective and secured plant that has been used by individuals who have been experiencing a number of symptoms. Since chamomile is excellent for reducing pain, have better skin, improve mental health and provide many beneficial factors. When it is used in aromatherapy or consumed into the body, chamomile is a natural cure for a nervous mind. Some products combined with chamomile are designed to offer support to the gastrointestinal tract and make sure that sugar metabolism is functioning properly.

The scope of our information is limited to chiropractic, musculoskeletal, and nervous health issues or functional medicine articles, topics, and discussions. We use functional health protocols to treat injuries or disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Our office has made a reasonable attempt to provide supportive citations and has identified the relevant research study or studies supporting our posts. We also make copies of supporting research studies available to the board and or the public upon request. To further discuss the subject matter above, please feel free to ask Dr. Alex Jimenez or contact us at 915-850-0900.


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